If a picture is worth a thousand words, you might be surprised which words this picture uses. It might look normal enough, but did you notice the power cord? That’s called a “lead” here, and yes, it’s because this is an electric mower. Our yard is not big, so it’s enough with an extension lead. Except, it’s not a yard – a “yard” is a paved area (Scotland Yard is not a grassy lawn!) – the grass around our house is our front and back “garden”. Except, it’s not grass. Sure, there’s some grass in there, but if you look at the picture closely you’ll see that an awful lot of what’s being cut is clover. I think cutting the clover with an electric mower feels like vacuuming. Except, it’s not vacuuming – people usually say “hoovering” here, after the brand.

So this picture makes me think of hoovering clover in the garden on a lead. Is that what you thought of?